Dan Petryk

Dan's General Investing Principles
I do not tell clients what to do.  I educate them and let them make their own decisions.  This way we can find YOUR risk level and YOUR risk level's expected rate of return.  I am here to provide information about the better fund companies, fund managers, funds (i.e. good track record) and keep clients up to date on current events.  For example, I would let a client know if a new "star" fund manager were to start working for a mutual fund company that we were dealing with.  Perhaps we would want to shift some of your dollars to his or her fund.  I will watch your money as if it were my own.  I can provide financial statements to give clients up to date results anytime they require it.

Dan's Mutual Fund Investing Principles
When we choose mutual funds, we will generally pick ones that allow the fund manager to make any decision as to where to invest.  The fund manager has a team of accountants, economists, and inspectors that will enable him or her to make better decisions.  For example, picking a technology fund limits the fund manager’s choices to technology based stocks which may be in a long term slump.  A general equity fund manager may buy technology stocks at his or her educated discretion, if their mandate allows this, but may avoid them for other market sectors if they choose.  Furthermore, unless you wish to speculate on a smaller percentage of your dollars, why buy a geographically specific fund? For example, say the fund only invests in Japan.  A fund manager without investing limitations may enter or exit the geographically specific area at their discretion.  One exception to this may be investing in Canada. Currency risk is minimized and since we live here we understand the market better. Of course we will only choose a few proven fund managers from four or five mutual fund companies for diversification.

About Dan
I have been a financial advisor since 1998. Educationally speaking, I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree, the Canadian Securities Course, Life Underwriter level 2, and am on my last course to become a Certified Financial Planner.  I also have 5 years of banking experience.  I have won the Canadian men’s curling championship and competed for Canada in the ’92 Winter Olympics in France.

About This Website
This web site touches on what I believe to be the more significant and practical financial concerns.  I will be adding and deleting information as we learn together.  Please remember that all client information is strictly confidential.

Questions? (Remember, there are no silly questions). Contact Dan.