Dan Petryk

Fees paid by clients 

Most mutual funds have a management expense ratio (MER) which is mainly comprised of the management fee. This fee (MER) is usually around 2% per year. It reduces your annual return. Otherwise, generally, fees can be avoided.  You will only pay a fee if you make an early withdrawal from a deferred load mutual fund.  This is generally 6% of your withdrawal declining to 0% after six or seven years and less for low load.  You can also pay a front end load fee of around 5% but I generally avoid front end load funds.
How does Dan get paid?
1.  Commissions – I get paid commissions and service fees from the mutual fund companies.  There is virtually no difference for what I get paid no matter which fund company you pick or how risky the fund is.  One exception to this is I do not get up front commissions for no load funds.  You can find this information in the fund facts which I will provide to you.   I do not receive any bonuses or gifts for picking certain mutual funds.  Therefore, I can do what I feel is right for my clients.
2.  Referrals – If you feel I am doing a good job for you, please pass that along to anyone in need of a financial consultant.

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